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tv   Today in the Bay  NBC  May 18, 2017 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> and i'm sam brock but first, of course, what's going on with your weather. we know it will be hot this weekend. >> it's going to be well above average. in some parts of the bay area it will be 10 degrees warmer so you'll feel the difference later today. right now not so much. it's nice and cool. we have mostly clear skies you can see the visibility there not too bad looking from belvedere towards san francisco and it's 46 degrees. highs today reaching into the low 80s and 70s along the coast. heading into the weekend, more warm weather. i'll talk more about that coming up in eight minutes but mike is hearing about a car fire in the south bay. >> some folks call it peninsula, i call it south bay, we're talking about los altos hills as you make the transition. southbound 280 we are looking around magdalena on the northbound side as we hear the report of a car fire and someone
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outside of their vehicle. there's no slowing at the scene, we'll wait until chp gives us more detail. perhaps overheated, maybe some steam. we'll check that. no slowing here, the rest of the south bay moves very well but just off of the freeway we're reporting the structure fire, we're following that. i'll hand it off to you because you have much more detail. >> that's right. there's a two alarm fire at a san jose building. >> chris, whkris what's going o. >> reporter: at one point there were three stwrereams of water coming from those ladder trucks. we're going to bring in the captain of the san jose fire department. it looks like thing are settling down. >> we have extinguished or knocked down the fire.
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we had three aerial master streams in operation. we had a report of o'riley auto parts on fire. it was already well involved. made it into the interior of the structure and vented through the roof. >> the concern is you say o'riley auto parts, i'm thinking oil and other chemicals. >> that was our concern as well. we would have had a hazardous materials concern but thankfully it was an abandoned structure. we went into immediate defensive operations. went to a second alarm. >>. >> reporter: and we see firefighters standing outside watching because it is a defensive fire, no danger to the public inside and the fire is essentially out? >> that's correct. the defensive operations, while they're standing wharnd th inin they're providing is water supply and we're using aerial master streams to extinguish the
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fire. it's unsafe for anybody to be inside, the roof has collapsed. the exterior has a wall which can collapse and has injured firefighters throughout the country many times. you're correct, because there's no life safety risk and no risk to the public and no potential chemical exposure we're operating in a defensive manner. >> reporter: we know you're going back on to duty, perhaps on another call so we appreciate your time and we will stay out here because we know you all stay and monitor for hot spots so we will stay here. story and white road, the building now seems like it's out, we're seeing lots of smoke but we'll keep you updated throughout the morning. in san jose, kris sanchez, today in the bay. we are following another breaking story, this one out of the east bay where an escalating situation happening right now in el sobrante. deputies surrounded a suspect who has barricaded himself inside of a home. >> today in the bay's bob redell live with what we know so far. it was active earlier when we checked in with you. >> reporter: it's quieted down now. good morning laura and sam.
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according to one witness, this started as a late night, an after-midnight fight between neighbors with one neighbor reportedly firing multiple shots at another and then retreating into their home here on nottingham drive in el sobrante. the county sheriff's office has surrounded that home down nottingham drive with an armored vehicle. that i've shone lights on the house and if you'll listen carefully, we'll play tape, you'll hear a deputy using a p.a. system to issue commands to a man and woman inside that home. >> this is the contra costa county sheriff's department. occupants of 57 39 nottingham drive, robert mckay, christina kingston, come out with your hands up out the front door with no weapons. >> reporter: that deputy issued that command multiple times, several times within the past half hour or so but as you can see back out here live, the standoff is still going on. the man and woman inside that he
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asked to come out with their arms up and no weapons out the front door apparently have not lpd to those commands and are still holed up inside. we have seen at least two people who live a couple doors down away from the barricaded situation. these are other neighbors leaving for work so it's not clear if they've been told to shelter in place but we know there are other people still in homes a couple doors down. reporting live from el sobrante, bob redell, today in the bay. more breaking news. the sudden and unexpected death of one of grunge rock's signature singers chris cornell. ♪ black hole sun, won't you come ♪ >> cornell was lead singer of soundgarden, a seattle band that shot to fame in the mid-'90s. he was later the front man for audio slave. he was on a solo tour at the time of his death. a representative says cornell
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died wednesday night in detroit. sources tell our nbc affiliate that he took his own life but no official cause has been given. chris cornell was 52 years old. an emotional day ahead for the sierra lamar murder case. today her parents are expected to testify. of course antolin garcia-torres was convicted of first degree murder. now the jury has to decide whether or not he'll spend the rest of his life in prison or receive the death penalty. also notable here is that a judge recentlyover turned a murder verdict in overcase after determining the lead detective had given false testimony. that same detective was a key witness in the sierra lamar trial. no indication on what impact that will have in this case. happening today, the man authorities call the arsonist in a series of contra costa county fires is expected to be arraigned. last saturday an arson task force arrested this man, james bishop iii from pittsburg. he's chasing numerous charges in
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connection with car fires across the county. nbc bay area spoke to his parents, they say he's innocent. >> he just went up there for a job. why would he go riding around blowing up cars? investigators say surveillance video is what helped provide the clues near led to an arrest, including images of the suspect's car. new this morning, cooking that was left unchecked is the cause of this overnight house fire in vallejo. the home is on newcastle drive not far from columbus parkway. the fire started shortly before midnight a firefighter suffered minor injuries trying to put out the fire. the red cross is helping three people that live there find other accommodations. happening today, in ground breaking safety rules expected to be approved for california's refineries. back then, toxic fumes forced 15,000 people to seek medical help.
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the new rules call for better have ven prevention. it also helps prevent flarings like we saw at the have narrow refinery in benicia. the rules give workers a stronger voice in ensuring plant safety. it's 5:08 on this thursday morning. as you get ready to head out the door it's only 49 in the peninsula, 47 in the tri-valley and 50 degrees in san francisco. long sleeves and a nice jacket to start out the day but not this afternoon. look at how these temperatures warm up today at about 10 degrees warmer in some spots than it was yesterday and 81 will be the high in the south bay, tri valley up to 83. also warmer in the peninsula, upper 70s there and 70 in san francisco. east bay today will see a high of 76 degrees. coming up at 5:12, a live look at the temperature trend for
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willow glen as we head over to mike giving us an update on where you might be slowing down. >> it's calm right now, it's 5:09. a smooth flow of traffic. we are looking at the south by a with slowing for 85 and right around where the car fire was reported in los altos hills. we'll give that a couple more minutes for chp to give us more detail but we did learn about this one. eastbound 580 getting out of the livermore area toward the altamont pass at grant line road. reports of a car that went off the roadway so across the freeway and back into the center divide. the person involved says she fell asleep. she's in the center divide with this crash and this is the same area where we had the crash a couple days ago so i'm very concerned until chp get there is and helps them off the roadway, take that note. meanwhile, an easy drive toward the bay bridge, no problem for the maze. we'll send it back to you. >> thank you, mike. up next, caught on camera, an suv slams into a deli nearly striking a pregnant woman who was inside. look at the shelve there is just
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collapsing. how everybody managed to make it out okay. plus, domestic violence in silicon valley. the high profile case that has activists concerns the punishment won't fit the crime. and cool new things to do with your phone's camera. we'll look when today in the bay continues.
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these days sure are getting longer. we are already starting to see some light in the sky as we take
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a live look outside at san jose and it will be cool to start but then look at how these temperatures trend as we go into this afternoon we start in the low 60s and even into the upper 70s. as we go into the next several days, expect the 830s to become a common theme, maybe even 90s. more on that in six minutes. and these tri-valley drive times are looking just fine but i'm concerned about the continue commute direction. we have more detail on the traffic through the altamont corridor. mike, kari, thank you very much, we know you have a busy morning, off lot going on. stop what you're doing and watch this. new video that you have to see. two workers there at a deli, all of a sudden a car comes in and knocks everything on top of them. one of those workers is five months pregnant working behind a philadelphia deli counter.
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out of nowhere the suv comes crashing in, dumping the store shelves and debris on top of them. miraculously the pregnant woman is unhurt, so is everyone else in the deli. police say the suv was stolen and the driver was arrested soon after. happening today, protesters to rally against a tech ceo who pled no contest for abusing his wife. charges for abhishek gattani were reduced to a plea bargain. the chronicle reports gattani who co-founded sunnyvale-based cuberon would serve a six month jail term during the weekends. he would also avoid deportation even though immigrants in such situations could face deportation. protesters are calling for tougher punishment. >> there will be a pressure on the judge that the community is together and following up on this case. the district attorney's office is defending the plea deal, calling it tough.
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gattani will be sentenced next month. protesters say they plan to be at the courthouse as well as then, too. jobs news this morning, san jose's largest private employer is cutting jobs again. >> scott mcgrew, more layoffs for cisco systems. >> reporter: 1,100, laura. we'll tack this on to the 5,500 the company announced earlier. cisco makes networking equipment, the stuff that makes the internet go. stocks fell wednesday before we discover there had would be an independent counsel investigating the white house. now we were talking yesterday about how good the markets are at predicting the future. the dow had its worst day since september, the nasdaq had its worst day since the brexit vote. one upside perhaps is that the fed is a lot less likely to raise interest rates if this uncertainty continues. the economist magazine said president trump was driving the highest level of political risk is world has seen in decades.
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google showed off new technology at the shoreline amphitheater wednesday. io stands for input/out put. one of the more interesting things making your phone's camera intelligent, you point it at a flower, it tells you what kind of flower. point it at a marquee, it plays the band's songs for you on the phone and lets you buy the tickets by pointing it at the theater. twitter is making changes you may have already noticed. you had to click through some new user agreements. the new delivery system adds more ads for you tailored on what it thinks you're interested in. you can look at the list. here's my list. twitter thinks i'm interested in ice cream -- it's not wrong. i do use cascade up there on the top flight the dishwasher. children ages 11 to 15, i do have a 15-year-old, down there on the left, fit moms, i'm not going to lie, i am interested in fit moms as well. >> how funny. interesting. so where did that list come from? i'm on my twitter feed. >> there are two of them. you have to go to your settings,
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i'll tweet out how to do it. there are two lists, what twitter thinks you're interested in and third party ads think you're interested in. it's the third-party ads. >> how does it know you use cascade. >> magic. >> that's interesting, too. is us based on who you follow? >> i don't know. i'm being silly about magic but it is the magic of the internet. >> some people might call that creepy. >> big brother watching. happening today, we have something going on here that will be interesting to a lot of families. just in time for the return of summer-like weather, the first major bay area county fair of the season is getting under way. funnel cake fans -- and i'm sure there's a lot of those -- ferris wheel lovers, ping-pong games you can never win. >> goldfish. >> you can never win that. >> i bring so many home. i've got seven fish. >> this is the start of the contra costa county fair that begins at noon today. it's held at the contra costa county fairgrounds in antioch.
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>> the goldfish and one where are where you shoot the water into the clown's mouth. i'm a master. >> no one ever wins these games except for laura garcia-canon. i'm sticking with her. >> it's going to be hot this weekend, especially in antioch. those inland areas where we will have the 90s on the way so if you're going to go out there, make sure you're extra careful because all of that sunshine can start to get to you, as we take a live look outside, san francisco starts out nice and cool. this is the place you might want to hang out over the next couple of days, it's going to be much cooler along the coastline so now as you get ready to head out the door, we have low 50s in san francisco, palo alto and san jose. 47 degrees in livermore. so definitely a cool start but then look at how it warms up later on this afternoon. in morgan hill we're up to 82 degrees and for the east bay 82 in pleasanton.
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half moon bay to 61 degrees and 57 in san mateo. mission district up to 70 today and 81 the novato. napa will be up to 84 degrees. we're making plans and it starts out at 56 degrees at 8:00. lunchtime it will be so perfect outside, 73 degrees in san jose and 08 by 4:00. so it starts to feel warm but cools off quickly. if you're planning to head to hiking trails in the north bay, it will be cool to start but then you'll be taking off the layers if you're throughout for quite a while as we will see a lot of sunshine and temperatures in the mid-70s already by 10:00. at 2:00, 81 degrees and it stays breezy in the evening. here's a live look at kirk wood. if you're heading in that direction toward the sierra, everything has cleared out, we had a little light snow and rain. now we'll see high temperatures over the next few days in the upper 50s so it will be nice.
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still a lot of snow left on the ground, too. here in san francisco we're up to 70. 71 tomorrow and some mid-70s for the weekend. then it starts to cool off, takes longer to cool off for the inland valleys. we're up to 93 on sunday and that looks to be the hottest day in the seven-day forecast. heading back over to mike takes us to 580. >> that's right because 580 is where i was concerned about this crash. overall the speed sensors look great both commute and non-commute but non-commute over on the altamont corridor we have this crash. i told you about the car that went off the roadway, a person said they fell asleep. they're in the center divide, there was a traffic break but now a second crash which may involve that first car and that's how we will have that report start about the other crash, the deadly one at the altamont corridor. so this is not the same situation, we don't hear about any major injuries but look at that slowing developing getting out of the livermore area and in toward tracy. we followed this closely but your commute is distracted by
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those flashing lights. on waze, we see more slowing. highway 4 for antioch, that's not unusual. we'll take you out toward what waze says, they're looking at a smooth flow of traffic through the area, let me get the sensors back up there. they give you three routes as options the. purple and green routes are better than the other longer route for highway 4 but you make the chase if you want to take ignacio valley road, that's your choice. we hope you choose to join our team, how you do that, over here hit the magnifying glass on your maps, that will take you up to your personal profile, adjust your personal preference to my personal favorite, nbc bay area wazers, i have a little bit invested in this team and i hope you do. back to you, guys. >> it's mike three-step process there, thank you very much. coming up air, larging new research. what scientists are saying about the growing number of women with breast cancer. [ whistles ]
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morning shows the numner of women living with the most severe form of breast cancer-- is growing. =take vo= researchers at na it's 5:24. alarming research shows the number of women living with the most severe form of breast cancer is growing. researchers at the national cancer institute estimate about 150,000 american women had spreading breast cancer this year. it's a significant increase since 1990 and researchers project that the number will continue to rise as the population ages. now the good news is that the five-year survival rate for women is improving, especially among younger women.
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what if your son told you he feels more like your daughter? and what if he told you that at five years old or younger? >> investigative reporter bigad shaban has that story. >> reporter: when it comes to transgender kids, how young is too young to change a child's name or wardrobe or have them undergo medical procedures so they can look like the gender they feel they were born with. we'll introduce you to 7-year-old maya born a boy and a 12-year-old who was born a girl. we investigate the growing debate over how to care for transgender kids and when medical treatments may be an option. what would you say to people who think kids are just too young to make this kind of decision? >> if you were born into the wrong body, how young do you
5:26 am
think you would be before you would realize that? like, sure i'm a kid, but it doesn't take a genius to realize i'm not a girl. >> reporter: the bay area is home to several clinics for transkids so who are the youngest patients and when can kids undergo medical treatments to change their bodies. catch our full investigation tonight at 11:00. >> thank you very much, if you have a tip for our investigative unit, give us a call, 8 888-996-tips or send us an e-mail at we continue to follow two breaking stories. we start with a destructive fire in the south bay. live with a closer look at the aftermath and new details kris sanchez just learned moments ago at the scene. breaking news in the east bay, an armed standoff with sheriff's deputies, the late night fight that might have led to this confrontation with law enforcement.
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to breaking news stories starting out on a thursday morning. on the left, a fire in san jose. on the east side. on the right, a standoff situation and a barricade in el sobrante. we have live reporters at the scene. we'll bring you all the details. i first want to say good morning to you, 5:30 right now. thanks for joining us, i'm laura garcia-cannon. >> i'm sam brock. welcome to thursday. we have a beautiful sunrise over
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the bay bridge. things will heat up. >> that will be what everyone's talking about. the hot weather, especially inland, san francisco stays nice and comfortable and as you get ready to head out the door, it's cool now but look at these high temperatures today. 79 in peninsula, 81 in the south bay, sun rising as we speak and san francisco at 70 while the north bay will be at 83 degrees. not too bad today but it does start to get uncomfortable this weekend. i'll have a look at that. we're talking about the weekend forecast in six minutes. now mike has better news for the tri-valley. >> for folks out of livermore into the altamont corridor, look at your map, no major slowing except for right here. westbound 580. the good news eastbound cleared up after that earlier crash and a secondary crash were both cleared from the roadway and i don't hear about any injuries or major injury and that's good news for the tri-valley and other here toward the east bay. no build, light, look at the bay bridge toll plaza. we just in the last three
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minutes have seen this crowd gather so they've turned on the metering lights. a couple minutes later, that means traffic is lighter than earlier this week. back to the breaking news we're covering. fire crews battling a two-alarm fire. it's a story we've been following since 4:30. >> kris sanchez has been at the scene. we understand you have new information just in. >> this is not the first time we've been reporting on a fire here at white and story roads but you can see the fire here behind me at the o'riley's auto parts building is out. is firefighters are taking a defensive position because there is no danger to the public. when the fire was reported around 3:00 this morning, the flames were raging and it was just too dangerous for fighters to go inside. now, the good news is because it was unoccupied, though it was an auto parts store there were none of the chemicals you might expect to have in an auto parts store, no oils, no flammable
5:32 am
materials, no rubber and things like that. so there is no hazard of the fire being a chemical fire and no worry about the water going down the drains at this point. now, captain mike von elgort of the san jose fire department says the fire appears to have started outside in a dumpster area but at this point it doesn't look to be arson. >> it does not appear that it is highly suspicious. in those cases, we tend to see accelerants, the gasoline didn't burn in that pattern that is a distinctive pattern. it didn't have multiple ignition site which is is another thing we see with intentionally set event events. >> so what you're looking at on your screen right now is the aftermath of a fire that we covered just this summer, back in june there was a fire that started in the grassy area behind the same o'reilly auto parts store. that spread to a car and ultimately a bit to the building
5:33 am
as well. we are looking into whether or not that was suspicious. we know from reports there are homeless people who tend to camp around this area so that is a possibility that they may have started that intentionally or unintentionally. by the way, this is a traffic note for mike. the vta is really pushing the san jose fire department and police department to reopen white road ahead of this commute because this is a busy stretch to of road and vta needs to get through to get people moving. in san jose, kris sanchez, today in the bay. >> thank you for the latest there, chris. we have more breaking news out of the east bay at an escalating situation overnight that's still happening in el sobrante. deputies trying to coax a suspect, a barricaded suspect, out of a house. today in the bay's bob redell has been live at the scene since we came on air with what we know so far. bob? >> good morning, laura and sam. as you look down nottingham drive, we're at the intersection of archery and nottingham in el
5:34 am
sobrante. you can see where the contra costa county sheriff's office is along with their swat team. they're focused on a house to the right side that you can't see off the screen there. this is something, a confrontation, a standoff that started a little after midnight. according to one witness it started as a late night fight between neighbors. one neighbor allegedly firing multiple shots, another here then retreating back into their home which as you can see law enforcement has surrounded, they have an armored vehicle out front. we will play sound with you. if you listen carefully, this was 45 minutes ago. you can hear a deputy using a p.a. system to issue commands to a man and woman inside the home. >> this is the contra costa county sheriff's department. occupants of 5739 nottingham drive, robert mckay, christina kingston, come out with your hands up out the front door with no weapons. >> that was p.a. announcement
5:35 am
they made several announcements to the people inside the home. but as i mentioned, trying to coax those people out was about 45 minutes ago. it's been silent in the 5:00 hour so far. we have seen movement of the deputies out front but it's not clear where they are as far as trying to get this man and woman who you mentioned as you heard in that soundbite, they said please come out, no weapons with your hands up outside the front door. reporting live on nottingham drive in el sobrante, rob redell, today in the bay. >> just hoping for a safe resolution to all this. thank you very much. san francisco police are investigating a stabbing at popular delores park. police say a person was stabbed several times during an attack by five to six juveniles and that this happened yesterday about 5:00, the victim was rushed to a hospital and we are waiting for word on their condition. sfpd is asking anyone who
5:36 am
witnessed what happened to give them a call. people on the peninsula are expected to get answers about the noise from the san carlos airport. we have a live look at the airport as the sun rises the. debate over fuse has been brewing for years now. for the past year the county has been getting input on possible solutions. that includes a curfew proposal. tonight's meeting starts at 6:00 in redwood city. ♪ see the the storm set in her eyes ♪ recognize that song? a great one by u2, the biggest rock group -- one of the biggest rock groups on their planet wrapped up their concert at levi stadium last night. u2 on tour for the 30th anniversary of their joshua tree album. about 50,000 people were in attendance. nbc bay area sky ranger was high over levi stadium last night. vta and caltrain ran late into the night because the show went well after the city's event curfew. the mercury news is reporting an estimated 6500 people used vta
5:37 am
to get home. >> i think laura broke curfew as well. >> i did. my voice is a little deep they are morning from singing along. well, bono was singing along with you, laura, we're looking towards the south bay, traffic much nicer and easier around levi stadium today. this is the area just off 680 where we continue to follow that commercial fire that christikri sanchez reports. no delays for the travel times. let me get out of your way. we're talking about a smooth drive through the maze but the metering lights are on at the bay bridge. a look at the mass transit systems. no major delays, the yellow marked again for the ferry system al ameda, oakland. hopefully they'll finish the hydraulic repair work going on for the midday and afternoon and we know that, we can check the web site as well for the updates on your specific ferry. >> okay. >> sounds like good vibes are still going here on thursday and a lot of people feeling good
5:38 am
because we're getting close to the weekend. >> and it's starting to warm up. happy friday eve to everybody. you have to make sure you have some air conditioning, some shades, and somewhere nice and cool to go. inland valleys will be up to 93 while we've have 74 along the coast. if you want more comfortable weather, that's where you want to head. as we check about a couple of events going on, on saturday in oakland at san antonio park the jazz and arts festival happening. in the morning, it will be so nice. 56 degrees is where we begin and then it does start to get a little toasty as we go through the day into the upper 70s with all of that sunshine, make sure you bring your cooler, lots of bottles of water to stay hydrated. also in the north bay in san jose we have the rose parade happening on saturday and that
5:39 am
is where it is is really going to be hot. the parade starts at 10:00 in the morning and at that time it will still be nice, in the low 70s but it does quickly start to warm up for some of those afternoon festivities. you might sure you want to take lots of breaks, also in napa, high temperatures reaching the low 90s. you want to make sure you're in some air conditioning and you're also paying attention to your body signals if you're out in that heat for a long period of time. also we'll be warm in caramel valley so the highs reaching into the low 80s and even some mid-80s by sunday heading back home. it will also be very warm there. i'm heading to santa cruz this weekend. so mid-70s for tomorrow but then by sunday we're up to 82 degrees, nice weekend for the beach, sam and laura. >> looks pretty good. >> nothing to complain about here. thank you very much, karen. coming up, protecting people in the south bay. the project that could prevent future flooding in san jose. and the white house breaking its silence. the president lashing out against special counsel. we'll see you when today in the
5:40 am
bay continues.
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you're going to be hanging out in here. so if you need anything, text me. do you play? ♪ ♪ use the chase mobile app to send money in just a tap, to friends at more banks then ever before. you got next? chase. helping you master what's now and what's next.
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t 5:42. as we get a live look outside at palo alto, a cool start but not where we'll be later today. it's going to quickly warm up from the low 60s to the upper 70s by 3:00 this afternoon. and our average high temperature 72 degrees. we're going above that for the
5:43 am
next several days, is a look at what we expect as we go into the weekend. hot weather and the micro climate forecast at 5:48. >> we're looking at travel times for the tri-valley. 680 southbound grows because we just learned about a crash in the sunol area. we'll show you what's going on for that critical portion of the tri-valley. >> mike, kari, thank you very much. south bay leaders are meeting to discuss a new flood protection project that's meant to guard hundreds of homes. the permanente creek flood protection project got under way this year. it's a channel widening project meant to better protect residents. happening today, university california board of regents vote on a budget as outrage grows over an audit's claim that $175 million was found at n a secret fund at the uc president's office. there were protests at the meetings in san francisco.
5:44 am
this, in fact, was the scene yesterday. the protest in spanish and english briefly shut down that meeting. uc president janet napolitano says the auditor's report is inaccurate but she's implementing all 33 of the auditor's recommendations for improving transparency. 117 days after donald trump was inaugurated as president he's facing a special counsel investigating the white house. >> and the president appears to be angry about it, scott mcgrew. >> reporter: he is. he is back on twitter, to the surprise of nobody. let's go straight to the tweets "with all of the illegal acts that took place in the clinton campaign and the obama administration, there was never a special counsel appointed. this is the single greatest witch-hunt of a politician in american history." that actually is true in clinton's case, she was under investigation by the fbi, not special counsel. there was at least the appearance of conflict of interest when bill clinton met with the then attorney general
5:45 am
but i don't want to seem like i'm piling on here, let's go back to these tweets "when the preside -- when the president of the united states defends himselves of accusations then points fingers, you should have paid more attention as to one how spells counsel. on wednesday, mr. trump complained to the new coast guard graduates that he was the most put upon politician ever. no politician in history he said has ever been treated worse. now it's going to take some time for special counsel robert mueller to get his office up and running. he has 60 days to set a budget, he meets privately with members of the u.s. senate later today. one of his first moves will be to investigate former national security adviser michael flynn. you remember that he was fired for lying about his contacts with the russians. we now know this morning he met or conducted phone calls with the russians far, far more often than we first thought. this is very tough news for vice
5:46 am
president mike pence who said time after time the transition team that he was in charge of didn't know any of this. >> did any adviser or anybody in the trump campaign have contact with the russians trying to meddle in the election? >> of course not. and i think to suggest that is to give credence to some of these bizarre rumors that swirled around the candidacy. >> of course, it wasn't just the russians. flynn was also on the payroll of a lobbying group representing turkish interests when he became national security adviser. we know that now. we did not know that then. and now we know something even more. the "new york times" quotes multiple sources as saying flynn told the white house ahead of time that he was working for the turks and they gave him a job anyway. and then he stayed on the turkish payroll while in the white house. we've never, to our knowledge, had a national security adviser who was working for both the
5:47 am
united states and a group connected to a foreign power at the same time or even had a national security adviser who was moonlighting at all. flynn's contact with foreign powers just one of several things special counsel will investigate. the senate and the hus will continue their investigations as well. sam and laura? >> so much to investigate by the hour. scott will be examining the president's tweets, executive orders and speeches every morning. if you'd like to hear from him, share your thoughts with him on twitte twitter,. nbc bay area celebrates asian-pacific heritage month. >> we're honoring bay area students. these students are the winners of the asian-pacific funds 22nd annual growing up asian in america contest. it starts at 11:30 this morning here at our studios and no traffic issues for mike who will be here already presenting along with janelle wang. >> i saw it all set up.
5:48 am
>> rob will help out, vicky nguyen. all of us. everybody. 80% of our staff. >> i grew up in the bay area and i grew up asian. i didn't just happen to be. it took a life long effort. >> growing up asian. a very nice tribute. >> and these personal promotions that we've seen from you and vicky and janelle, you mentioned those about your back stories really resonating. >> everybody has a special story and it's nice nbc lets us share it. weather story now. >> it's going to heat up. >> that's the way everyone will be telling the story about how they're just sweating. >> they're going to say thanks, kari hall. >> don't blame me, i'm just the messenger. it's going to be hot over the next couple days and at least it's cool now. it's 47 degrees in the tri-valley. can't say that's hot. even though we will have these cool starts to the morning, we'll also have a quickly warming temperature as we go through the day and 45 degrees now in the north bay as we get a
5:49 am
live look from our tiburon camera. sunrise happening in about six minutes and we are going to see all of this sun warming up those temperatures in the south bay, up to 81 degrees and 83 degrees for the high in the tri-valley to north bay. san francisco you're at a comfortable 70 degrees so as you're getting a look out the window, getting ready for the day. even though it starts out cool, we will have a warm afternoon. so you don't have to dress in laye layers, as the day goes on you'll take off the jacket and the short sleeve shirt. it will be a nice day for that and the next several days, getting up, you're about to wake the kids up. we will have lots of sunshine today, so temperatures warming up quickly and then by the time you pick up the kids or heading home your air conditioner will be on whether in the call or also in the house and of the a's
5:50 am
coming back in town, the giants hitting the road so we are going to have nice baseball weather today at the coliseum only in the upper 60s and it will be hot, heading into sunday which will be our hottest day of the week. in concord, up to 95 degrees, napa 93. you see those inland temperatures, san francisco is at 74. we will see things cooling off into next week, into the 60s for the bay but then for the inland valleys up to still the low 90s this weekend. then 80 degrees next wednesday. as we head over to mike, now you're tracking a trash in sunol? >> a critical time as the tri-valley commute builds right now now. a lighter flow of traffic around the bay may be what's keeping thicks from building up too much. 84 merge, we still see light flowing traffic but that crash is reported we'll show you the
5:51 am
update as we're calculating our drive time. the try valley isn't bad to suggest 880 as an option. if you're traveling from dublin to free month. plan a slight delay through pleasanton. if you check your phone, you can check your route wherever you're leaving wherever you're leaving. make sure you're on our team. hit the magnifying glass, your profile and select the team, nbc bay area as wears. if you haven't selected that, it doesn't matter where you are in spirit, you need to select the team in the app. back to you. >> thank you very much, mike. 5:51, we have breaking news just coming into our newsroom. former fox news ceo roger ailes has died according to fox news. his wife released a statement within the last few minutes saying "he was a patriot, profoundly grateful to live in a country that gave him so much opportunity to work hard, to rise and give back." ailes, you'll recall, stepped down from fox news amid allegations of sexual harassment. the circumstances behind his death are not known. as soon as we get more information we will bring it to
5:52 am
you. he was 77 years old. >> shocking news this morning. coming up next on today in the bay, we investigate. >> you still making parts? >> no, i don't think so. >> what about this part that i bought over the internet? >> call 911. >> reporter: bogus parts on thousands of airplanes. i'm senior investigative reporter steven stock. coming up, we investigate how these dangerous airplane parts could impact your safety the next time you fly. happening now, 200,000 people could be fleeing mosul to escape fighting. the united nations says iraqi forces are making a final push into the area's held by isis. a new study out says the hpv vaccine that helps prevent cervical cancer in women also might lower the risk of oral infections that can cause mouth and throat cancers in men. we'll be lack here in just two minutes.
5:53 am
5:54 am
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5:55 am
f-a-a-- and they can hurt people when they fail. 5:55 on thursday. they are not approved by the faa and they can hurt people when they fail. >> a continuing investigation by nbc bay area has found bonus parts finding their way on to airplanes, even commercial jetliners, more often than you might think, here's senior investigator stephen stock. >> reporter: good morning. we dug through a decade's worth of federal records and uncovered
5:56 am
172 different cases where the faa reported unapproved or bogus parts had been found on those airplanes. unapproved parts have not been tested or approved by the faa to be used during the stresses of flight. we found that some of those cases involved thousands of airplanes, including commercial airlines for domestic u.s. carriers. in many cases, the airlines didn't even know they were flying with unapproved parts. we also went to one parts maker located in huntington beach that had been told by the faa to stop making parts after regulators said the company falsified documents. but that company remains open and we saw employees boxing up parts. parts that one worker told me they are no longer selling. you can see what else we found plus a list of all those commercial airlines where the bogus parts were found all in my full report tonight at 6:00. or you can go to our web site, back to you. >> stephen, thank you very much. if you have a tip for our
5:57 am
investigative unit, give us a call, 888-996-tips. send us an e-mail to a large norovirus outbreak in northern california has doubled. there are nearly 2100 cases of norovirus in yolo county and we've learned the virus has spread to sacramento county. doctors say people should stay home for two days after their symptoms are gone. the outbreak started may on 5 with 100 cases. at least 40 public schools including uc davis have been hit. there are also cases right here in the bay area in san jose. authorities right now in lake tahoe trying to put a quick stop to what has become a startling trend -- vandals are tagging rocks across the lake and on popular hiking trails. volunteers with the tahoe vandalism removal squad have been busy trying to clean up the graffiti popping up all over the lake tahoe area. the group tries to scrub away the graffiti but it doesn't always come off quickly.
5:58 am
>> hours, not just minutes, it might take blasting and scrubbing, sometimes they paint over, they don't -- it doesn't always come off. >> just a shame there. this is one of the real national gems. volunteers say that it's hard keeping up with all the tagging and that the problem even stretches out as far as donner summit. >> that's hard to see. >> i don't disagree. 5:58, happening today caltran's crews are going to be back out delivering construction equipment to the site of the now demolished pfeiffer canyon bridge on highway 1 in big sur. chp will be escorting crews along the naciement ferguson road. the bridge was heavily damaged during those storms last winter. it's hard to know which diet will work best for you but new dna tests could help you figure out what your bodily will respond to. doctors the tampa, florida, offering patients pathw waway
5:59 am
genomic screening. it could show you what vitamins you need, the kind of exercise you need to do and what kind of diet. >> here's your male plaeal plan already know what to eat so with our weight loss plan and this you have it covered. >> the test gives you the full breakdown what you should be eating and patients are finding a lot of happening today, an affordable housing group will be breaking ground on a town home project in oakland. the redwood hill town homes will be built on calaveras avenue. the ground breaking starts at 10:00. new this morning you can now collect friedel a miles by hailing a ride with lyft. the airline has added the service to its reward program so you can earn miles for something you might use more often than air travel. lyft is offering three miles for every dollar spent on rides to
6:00 am
and from the airport. we are following several breaking news stories this morning. we are just getting reports that former fox news chairman and ceo roger ailes has died. >> plus an armed standoff coming to an end in the east bay. we have a crew live at the scene talking to investigators to give you an update. firefighters are still on the scene of an early morning fire in the south bay. this building has a past history of fires. surprise loss, chris cornell, the driving force in the grunge rock world dies unexpectedly. family and friends are shocked and investigation is now under way. today in the bay continues now. good morning to you, thanks so much for joining us. i'm laura garcia-canon. >> i'm sam brock. a lot to get to right now. what do you think? >> the heat is coming the heat reaches the peek on sunday so we're in for several summer like


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